An Analytical and Numerical Investigation on Punching Shear Behaviour of SCC Slab

V. Kavinkumar, R. Elangovan


This research is to study the mechanical properties of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) as well as punching shear failure of SCC slabs. Self compacting concrete was first invited in 1988 to achieve durable concrete structures .Design of Reinforced concrete slab is often compromised by their ability to resist shear stress at punching shear surface area. The connection between slabs and supporting columns could be susceptible to high shear stress and might cause sudden and brittle failure. Punching shear failure takes the form of truncated pyramid shape. This program includes investigating the effect of SCC, slab thickness on the punching shear behaviour in terms of load-deflection response and ultimate failure load, failure characteristic of punching shear failure (shape of failure zone and size of failure zone) of simply supported slabs of 1000 x 1000 x 50 and 75mm under concentrated load at centre of slab. The slabs are made with both SCC and Conventional concrete (CC). Investigation included two way specimens with different thickness to evaluate the performance of specimen with different thickness and the effect of thickness on punching shear capacity and performance.


punching shear failure, brittle failure, critical section, self compacting concrete, truncated pyramid shape, shear stress

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