Energy Environment Interaction Analysis in Thermal Power Plant: A Case Study of TPP with Energy Audit Approach in Indian Scenario

Anil Onkar, Gunwant Dhomane, Ravindra Moharil


Engineering based on basic principle of combustion process ,associated thermodynamics,& basic engineering principles involved in optimization of heat rate and in-house auxiliary consumption as energy input (i.e. coal consumption & in-house auxiliary consumption).Strong theme behind this paper is actual implementation of academic knowledge with practical working experience in thermal power plant .whole paper is associated with reduction of coal, electrical energy input spent on in-house auxiliaries which ultimately reduces greenhouse emission & helps to maintain environment by upgrading knowledge & working experience of Engineer working with TPP.


Heat rate (kcal/kwh),calorific value(Kcal/kg),VFD( variable frequency Drive),CDM ( Clean development Mechanism),PLF( Plant load Factor ),TPP( Thermal power plant ), CSTPS( Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station), B.E.E(Bureau Of Energy Efficiency), MERC(M

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