Experimental Investigation of Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Variable Compression Ratio Compression Ignition Engine Using Cotton Seed Oil Biodiesel Blends

Bhojraj Kale, V.N. Borikar, P.A. Hatwalne, V. M. Nimbalkar


The increasing demand of petroleum and its availability is inversely to each other. This gives the new area to researcher to find out the solution to this problem. This problem is also concern with socioeconomically issue; the solution should be acceptable to each one. The alternative fuels derived from vegetable are the keen area of research, which are economical, environment friendly and easily available. In this paper the cottonseed oil biodiesel blends is considered as fuel for variable compression ratio diesel engine. The combustion characteristics in terms of mass of fraction burnt is investigated for different compression ratio. The emission characteristics are also investigated in comparison with petroleum diesel without any modification in engine. The results are compatible with petroleum diesel.


Compression Ignition Engine, Variable Compression Ratio, Cotton Seed Oil Biodiesel, Combustion, Emission.

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