Analysis of SCERP: A Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Energy Balancing in Wireless Sensor Network

M.A. Pund, Shital Bahale, Jaya Ingole


Prolonging lifetime of wireless sensor network is a most significant problem due to energy constraint nature of sensor nodes. It is difficult to recharge nodes during network lifetime, to increase application area of WSN there is a need to design energy efficient clustering protocol for WSN. In this article there is a discussion about problems in Leach protocol and propose an improvement on the Leach routing protocol to reduce energy consumption and to extend network lifetime. Proposed self organized cluster based energy balanced routing protocol (SCERP) selects a cluster head node by considering probability based on ratio of residual energy of the node and the average energy level of nodes in network, and the geometric distance between the candidate node to the BS as key parameters. The outcome of simulation shows that proposed protocol is better than Leach in terms of balancing energy consumption of nodes and extending WSN lifetime.


Hierarchical Routing Algorithms, LEACH, Cluster-based Routing.

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