Performance Evaluation of Evaporative Cooler Using Solar Energy

R.K. Kulkarni, I.H. Patel, R.D. Bothe, P.P. Vyavahare


Evaporative cooler operating on solar energy is a viable option in places where there is scarcity of grid power and is also useful for short term storage of farm products. This paper analyzes the performance of a commercial cooler operated on the solar power and its cost benefit analysis. The cooler is operated on grid power in first part and on solar power in second part. The saturation efficiency, cooling capacity and the energy consumption is calculated in both the cases. The efficiency ranged from 41 to 70 %, cooling capacity from 4625 to 12079 kJ/h and energy consumption from 0.113 to 0.184 kW. The cost benefit analysis gives a payback period of about 11.5 seasons for the cooler if used for only comfort. If the cooler is used continuously for short term storage of farm products, then the payback period is estimated to be of 21.5 months. The optimization of solar panel, battery and inverter cost is suggested to have the early pay back of the investment cost. The cooler installation is recommended in place where there is shortage or frequent fluctuation of grid power.


Evaporative Cooler, Solar Energy, Saturation Efficiency, Cooling Capacity, Energy consumption

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