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Retrieval of Similarity Measures of Code Component

M. K. Patil, P. P. Jamsandekar

Modern programming languages, especially object oriented languages facilitate to create libraries of reusable components (e.g. class definition). The majority of software companies are designing the components and reusing those wherever applicable. Maintaining such components (i.e. class library) and accessing those at right time in right form is challenging because large no. of components in library. Object Oriented Programming supports the reusability of the code. The major challenge in programming is to improve the learning quality and productivity of the software developer, subject teachers and students.

To support programming in Java, researcher implemented a design retrieval algorithm which will make it possible to search through potentially reusable Java classes. The proposed work, selects the appropriate descriptors of the inputted cases - .java files. It will separate the code components automatically and stores in the repository. The different levels of ambiguity in selection of cases are controlled through data preprocessing technique of data mining. The set of adjustments applied to get the similarity of the code components.

Code reusability; retrieval; ambiguity; data mining
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