Robotics enabled learning patterns: A Study

Patrick Dough


Folks need the best for their kids' training and regularly grumble about extensive class sizes and the absence of individual consideration. Goren Gordon, a manmade brainpower analyst from Tel Aviv University who runs the Curiosity Lab there, is the same. He and his wife invest as much energy as they can with their kids, however there are still times when their children are separated from everyone else or unsupervised. At those times, they'd like their kids to have a friend to learn and play with, Gordon says. That is the situation, regardless of the possibility that that buddy is a robot. Working in the Personal Robots Group at MIT, drove by Cynthia Breazeal, Gordon was a piece of a group that built up a socially assistive robot called Tega that is intended to serve as a one-on-one associate learner in or outside of the classroom.

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