Chemical Profile and Extraction Technique of Oil of Mentha Arvensis

M.A. Nadeem, B.K. Saxena, N. Akbar


Menthol mint oil is distilled by water steam distillation from leaves of Mentha arvensis and is the most importance source of L-menthol. It contains L-menthol 68.3%, menthone 8.2%, isomenthone 4.4%, menthyl acetate 4.3%, mixture of isomers of menthol 4.5%, cis-3- hexanal 0.2-% and limonene 1.2%, However percentage of components depends on the genetic and ecological conditions. Major component L-Menthol is isolated by freezing at low temperature with the recovery of around 65% in form of menthol flakes and the remaining material is known as DMO or dementholised oil (30%). During the process 1% loss is generally found. All the components are being used in Flavours, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco and other cosmetic Industries.


Crystallization; Dementholised Oil; Essential oil; Mentha arvensis; Menthol bold crystals; Menthol flakes; Odour evaluation; Terpenes

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