Energy Consumption with Fountain Codes and Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks: Survey & Analysis‎

Fatma Belabed, Ridha Bouallegue


Energy is the most important and crucial issue in the wireless sensor networks since the entire sensor nodes are battery powered devices. As a result, energy efficiency and prolonging network lifetime are a challenge. In order to increase the lifetime of the battery-based sensing nodes, it is essential to minimize the consumed energy in the sensing process. With this objective, specific erasure codes called fountain codes are introduced. Fountain codes' performances can be further improved if they are merged with the strategy of grouping sensor nodes into clusters. In order to reach the energy minimization and network lifetime prolonging, the first step, is to completely know the sources of energy consumption. In this paper, sources of energy consumption with various techniques used have been studied and investigated. Furthermore, a survey has been provided for the energy consumption model by using these two techniques. 


Wireless sensor networks; Fountain codes; Overflow; Clustering algorithms; Energy consumption

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