Health Information Systems: The Issues related to Governmental Initiatives, Political and Economics—A Theoretical Overview

P. K. Paul, A. Bhuimali, M. Ghose, Poovammal. E.


Health Information System or Medical Information Systems is an important and valuable concept which is mainly dedicated to the Health related issues and solutions. The Health Information System is combines with the management and also economical aspects for its real and healthy solutions. The Health Information System is the important name in most of the developed countries for their healthy and sophisticated healthcare systems. The Health Information System thus needs to be a valuable agenda in medical and clinical systems. The Health Information System is only possible with the initiation of the solid Health Informatics practice. The domain and knowledge field of Health Information System is deals with the fundamentals of Information Studies, Computing & Information Technologies, Management Sciences with the Bio Sciences such as Physiology, Life Science, Clinical and Health Management, Human Body etc. The Health Information System has many problems in the spectrum of technologies as well as in the field of economies etc. This is a kind of conceptual paper and mainly illustrated the issues of Governance, Policies, Economics etc for solid and healthy Health Information System building. 


Health Information System, Health Informatics, Public Health, Health Management, Bio Information Sciences, Health Related Issues, Developing Countries & Issues, Health Engineering

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