Seasonal Variations in Water Quality of Shipra River in Ujjain, India

Parag Dalal


Shipra River is a major river and is lifeline of thousands of people in Ujjain city and nearby areas. Shipra has been subjected to assault of the adverse impact of industrialization and urbanization. The problem has aggravated because of the uncontrolled flow of municipal and domestic sewers dumping directly into river. The present pollution loads also contributes a lot of toxic heavy metals of industrial area of Indore merged by Khan River water. Due to zero flow the river Shipra lacks the self purification scheme of rivers and streams.

            In this study the water samples are collected from five different Sampling zones at a distance of 3 Kms from each other. Various Variables are found in the Downstream of the river, co-relation between various Physico-Chemical variables are been calculated. This depicts tremendous pollution meters and drastic change in water quality of river water. The mixing of Narmada Water contributes in a slight restoration of water parameters and improves the quality of water. 


Shipra River, industrialization, urbanization, Indore, Khan River, Sampling zones, River Narmada Water, Physico-Chemical variables

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