Assessment of Sea Water Intrusion in Muthupettai Block

B. Pavithra, M. Renganathan


Salt water intrusion into coastal aquifers is potentially a major problem in the coastal region of Muthupettai block in Thiruthuraipoondi taluk (Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu), hence in order to assess the vulnerability area, ground water study should be done. By the water quality variations sea water mixing index is assessed. Seawater mixing index is used to describe the vulnerability area and the extension of intrusion over the study area. Thematic maps of factors influencing the sea water intrusion were prepared and overlaid using Geographical Information System (GIS). By the vulnerability mapping, the suitable area for the remediation technique of sea water intrusion that should be practiced in the study area will be decided. Rain water harvesting and artificial recharge techniques are more useful as a tool in remediation of salt water intrusion. Estimation of surplus run-off is also very important in planning artificial recharge schemes.


Sea water intrusion, Aquifer vulnerability mapping, GIS, artificial recharge

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