Applications of Big Data in the Digital India: Opportunities and Challenges

Vinay Kumar, Arpana Chaturvedi, Poonam Verma


With the advent of Social Networking Sites (SNS), volumes of data are generated daily. Most of these data are multimedia type and unstructured with exponential growth. This exponential growth of variety, volume and complexity of structured and unstructured data leads to the concept of big data. Managing big data and harnessing its benefits is a real challenge. With increase in access to big data repository for various applications, security and access control is another aspect that needs to be considered while managing big data. We have discussed area of application of big data, opportunities it provides and challenges that we face in the managing such huge amount of data for various applications. Issues related to security against different threat perception of big data are also discussed. 


Big Data, HDFS, IDC, Sqoop, Hive, Pig, Digital India, Governance, GFS, Hadoop, SME, Map Reduce, Analytics

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