Tamil HandWritten Word Recognition with Entrenched Attributes using k-Means Algorithm

Aravinda C.V, Prakash H. N


In spite, couple types of progress in advancements identifying with Tamil Optical character affirmation, handwriting continues hanging on as strategy for reporting information for ordinary life. The methodology of division and affirmation positions quiets a huge amount of troubles especially in seeing cursive physically composed scripts of different lingos. The thought proposed is an answer made to perform tamil character affirmation of composed by hand scripts in Tamil, a language having official status in India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. The approach utilizes KNN Algorithm technique for seeing charted off cursive decrypted Tamil characters. The conflict of the structure is obvious as it can overwhelm the complexities develop out of content style assortments and winds up being versatile and solid. More elevated amount of precision in results has been obtained with the use of this procedure on a sweeping database and the precision of the results displays its application on business use. The methodology certifications to demonstrate an essential and brisk system to create a full OCR structure connected with sensible pre-get ready.


Euclidean distance, Similarity, Multiple View Point

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