Disaster Management in Industry: Ergonomic Perspective

R.N. Panchal, A.D. Awasare, J.R. Panchal, V.M. Jamadar, G.V. Shinde, H.M. Kumbhar, A.M. Zende


Plant layout is related with the arrangement of machines, equipment, storage vessels, materials, workplace and warehouse.  It is need to the design constraints arising from safety for humans, environment conditions, construction, maintenance, and operation of product with financial balance. Human comfort is very important because it is directly affect on human efficiency. Chemical accidents and spills can be hazardous to peoples, wildlife, and create environmental issues. The good way to reduce the harm caused by chemical accidents is to design and development of layout and plants with good safety controls that operate at lower temperature. The basic aim of paper is to create awareness and safety taring amongst operators working in the plant.


Plant layout, Workplace, Safety control, environment conditions

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