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Construction and Validation of Environmental Ethics Attitude Scale

Nikhat ,, Zebun Nisa Khan
The aim of the study is to assess the attitude of teachers towards environmental ethics and to develop ethics in them in case of lack of concern towards it. After reviewing so many relevant literatures the investigators considered the three dimensions of environmental ethics i.e., anthropocentrism, eco-centrism and bio-centrism and constructed 84 items based on these dimensions. Investigators consulted 15 experts from various educational and environmental fields for the content and face validity of scale. After expert judgment, 19 items were rejected for overall ambiguities while 65 items were selected for preliminary try-out of the scale over 100 teachers selected through Simple Random sampling technique. Final draft of the scale with 54 items was administered over 300 teachers both from eastern and western Uttar Pradesh. After final item analysis of Environmental Ethics Attitude Scale, 46 items were retained on the basis of the t-value, which was found significant (0.05 level of significance). Out of these 46 items, 34 are positive and 12 are negative statements. The reliability of the tool was 0.836 by Alpha Cronbach to check internal consistency of the tool and by Split Half Test was 0.734.
Attitude, Environmental ethics, Anthropocentrism, Eco-centrism, Bio-centrism
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