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Uniformity and Diversity of Components of Teacher Education

Bhupendra Singh, Patanjali Mishra

It was the suggestion of the National Education Commission (1964-66) that investment for teacher education can return in rich surpluses because the fiscal resources essential are small when compared to the resulting developments in the upbringing of masses. Today, it is an imperative to prepare dynamic teachers. Therefore, skill development programmes for in-service and teacher trainees should be ornamented with the teaching-learning skills, real mode internship, pedagogical knowledge with application, multi-lingual and multicultural classroom management techniques and ICT based technologies. These conditions are fulfilled by implementing the components of teacher education with uniformity in knowledge and diversity in functioning. The universal and local aspects of teacher education programs might be meaningful for the environment of training. This research article is trying to ascertain their devotion to global trends versus the impact of native circumstances and cultures. Teacher Education Curriculum-1978 very rightly emphasized on the fortune of the school curriculum which is affected by the teacher education curriculum.

Teacher Education, Diversity, Uniformity, NCFTE (National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education), NCF (National Curriculum Framework), NCFSE (National Curriculum Framework for School Education)
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