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Family Factors and Academic Achievement: A Comparative Study of Residential School Children and Rural Government School Children

S. Ashwini Kumari, Saritha Devi, K. Mayuri

The study compares the effects of family factors contributing to the High Academic Achievement of Private Residential School Children and Rural Government School Children. Children studying in selected private residential schools and rural government schools in IX and X classes with highest ranks (first 3-4 ranks) in the previous year were selected. Total sample comprised 240 children, 120 from each setting, 60 from IX class and 60 from X class. An Interview schedule was developed by the investigator for the children to know their perceptions about family contributing factors. The study concluded that children of Private Residential Schools and Rural Government Schools were average and similar in their perceptions regarding parental contributions for their Academic Achievement. High Parental Aspirations Expectations helped in high achievement in both groups but comparatively high in Private Residential School children. Whereas contribution of Siblings Relationship and Assistance of others was high in Rural Government School children and average in Private Residential School children. Coming to the gender and age variations in family contributing factors, there was significantly high parental contributions for Academic Achievement of boys than girls in private Residential schools and higher age group children of Rural Government schools have significantly more parental contribution for their Academic Achievement than lower age group children. Achievement in English was highly positively correlated with family’s Economic status in Private Residential schools. There was significant positive correlation between achievement in mathematics and parental contribution, achievement in science and Parental Aspirations in Rural Government School children.

Academic Achievement, Family factors, Rural Government school children, Private residential school children
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