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Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Teacher Education

Ruwndar Lastny Anal

We are in the era of information where technology plays an important role to transact the information to the needed individuals in the education system. With the implementation of two years B.Ed. Programme, based on the recommendations of the Justice Verma Commission (2012), there has been a paradigm shift from the teacher centred to student-centred in the training of student teachers. There needs a proper propagation of knowledge in education which is possible through communication. ICT is a part of non-verbal form of language which is very effective in communication with respect to educational context. To make the teaching learning effective the responsible teachers should adapt or have positive attitude towards the use of ICT in education system. This makes the teachers comfortable in his/her teaching and can best expect the effective outcomes among the learners. This theoretical paper discusses about the role of ICT in Teacher Education and better transaction of teaching learning process through the use of ICT.

ICT, Teacher Education
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