An Ecological Panorama on How Parental Involvement Affects Academic Achievement of Secondary School Pupils in Masvingo

Chingombe Shamiso Iline


This study explored the influence of an ecological perspective on the parental involvement on secondary school pupil’s academic performance. It was influenced by Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory. A qualitative research was adopted through an interpretivist paradigm. The research participants comprised of two teachers and five parents. The research instrument used was the one to one interviews with the both the teachers and the parents. A thematic data analysis was used to analyse data solicited from the research participants. Findings from the teachers revealed that some parents were partially involved in the learning of their pupils and some pupils were found not to be doing their homework. Ultimately, this derailed the whole learning process. In addition diverse sentiments were outlined by the parents including the   claim that it was the teachers’ obligation to ensure that children were consistently assisted by the teachers. Their argument was based on the understanding that parents are paying full fees, therefore they expect the best out of their money.    Some parents indicated that, as much as they would want to assist their children,  they are to some extent incapacitated The researcher recommended that if the parents are unable to assist their children, they should find  other means to do so . The same applies with teachers who are encouraged to reconsider ways of assisting children who cannot get parental assistance.


Parental Involvement; Academic Achievement; Masvingo

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