Motive Factors of B.Ed Student Teachers for Choosing Teaching as their Calling

K. Sheeba


It is obvious that quality of teaching force is not governed only by the qualification, pedagogical knowledge and teaching skill of teachers, but also their enthusiasm, motivation, dedication and commitment in teaching. Student teachers have a substantial impact on the education of future generations. In order for a system of teacher education to be effective, it needs to recognize and build on the characteristics and motivations that student teachers bring with them when they enter teacher education program after their completion of graduation or post graduation. Holistic teacher building is necessary and therefore teacher education needed more emphasis than mere training by high positive motivation of the student teachers for choosing the teaching as their calling. The data for the present study were collected from a population of student teachers. In the present study, Survey Method is employed to describe and interpret. The sample size chosen for B.Ed., student teachers are 500 (250 Male and 250 Female) of the Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu, India. The findings revealed that female student teachers have manifested significantly higher level in all the selected variables when compared to their counter parts. The independent variables such as positive and negative emotion, altruism, moral value, teacher's attitude and personal and social influence correlate significantly with motivation positively. The coefficient of determination R square measures the goodness-of-fit with the value of 0.249 and this means that the independent variables contributes to the extent of 24.9% to motivation and it is significant at 1% level. 


Motive Factors; Teaching aptitude; teacher motivation

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