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Effect of Co-Curricular Activities on Academic Achievement of Students

Ananya Singh

Development of child’s body and mind demand proper nurturing of its physical and intellectual qualities as few of the major determinants of his personality. Therefore, modern approaches of education emphasize on all round development of the child. The process of education is not something static or one time measure rather, continuous and life long endeavor that can be divided in two parts; curricular activities and co-curricular activities. . Co-curricular activities, as the name implies, are those, not directly related with the prescribed curriculum and include; sports, athletics, scouting, cubing, various hobbies, excursions literary societies, dramatics, debates etc. to bring social and physical adjustments in the child.

The study concluded that in wholesome the overall effect of co-curricular activities on the student’s academic performance and personality development is positive. And it compliments the academic activities in attainment of education’s main goal of bringing change in student’s behavior.

Co-Curricular Activities; Academic Achievement; Student Welfare
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