A Sociological Study of Health Consciousness among the Senior Citizens: With Special Reference to Radhey Green Colony of Dayalbagh Area of Agra City

Birpal Singh Thenua


Health is one of the most important assets of human being and can be viewed as prerequisite for individual and national development. It is popular saying in Indian Society since ancient times ‘Health is the wealth’. It is true even today. The expansion of Yoga, meditation and modern health technology through mass-media, people are being more and more aware toward their health. Our government is also aware for wellbeing of health of our every individual including senior citizens. Senior citizens are the assets and heritage of our society as they have a long experience of socio-economic, cultural and environment issues. Society cares their health and lives and makes them conscious towards their health. Their health depends on their consciousness. But the health consciousness among senior citizens is a complex phenomenon and heterogeneous process determined by a number of physical, emotional, biological and socio-cultural factors. It is a subjective mental attention toward one’s health, hygiene and environment.  


Consciousness; Yoga; Vyaayam; Meditation; Medical Checkup; Life Style; Social Environment; Human Biology; Toxins

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