Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) of Geography Teachers’ and its Effect on Self-efficacy and Teacher Effectiveness in West Bengal, India

Anujit Patra, Abhijit Guha


The present study is concerned with the subject of Geography and its teachers in secondary school. The objective was to find out the status of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in Geography teachers and also its effect on Self-efficacy and Teacher effectiveness together. For conducting this study descriptive survey method was employed. The data was collected from 401 Geography teachers of secondary schools of West Bengal. The data was analyzed through SPSS 21. The MANOVA result led to reject the null hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance that there would be no significant multivariate effect for the combined dependent variables of self-efficacy and teacher effectiveness in respect of teachers’ level of PCK in geography with Wilks' Lambda (i.e. Exact Statistic) value of .970, Pillai's Trace value of .030, Hotelling’s Trace value of .031 and Roy's Largest Root value of .031. All the ‘p’ values were less than .05. Post hoc test showed that teachers with high level of PCK in Geography were significantly different from the teachers having moderate and low levels of PCK in geography in their self-efficacy. On the other hand, teachers with high level of PCK were significantly different from the teachers having low levels of PCK in geography in teacher effectiveness. Study also revealed that, teachers self-efficacy is positively related with teacher effectiveness in geography teaching.


Pedagogical Content Knowledge; Self-efficacy; Teacher effectiveness; Geography teachers

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