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The Student Teachers’ Experiences during Teaching Practice and Its Impact on their Perception of the Teaching Profession

Rachel Koross

Teaching practice is an integral component of teacher training in Kenyan universities. Teaching practice in Kenyan universities is organized in the schools of education and is mandatory for all students who pursue education. Students go out to real classroom environment for a whole term (approximately 14 weeks).This activity grants student teachers experiences in the real teaching and learning environment. This paper looks at the students’ experiences and its impact on their perception of the teaching profession and also assesses the challenges that students encounter while in the schools that they are attached for teaching practice. The sample was drawn from third year student teachers from the University of Eldoret who had done teaching practice. A survey design was used and a quantitative questionnaire was administered to 100 student teachers. The findings of this research indicate that students’ experiences had an impact on their perception of the teaching profession and they did experience challenges while on teaching practice. Based on the findings of this study recommendations are given on how to improve students’ perspective and challenges.

Student teachers, experiences, teaching practice, Perception, teaching profession
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