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Integrating Chinese Culture into Middle School English Teaching by Telling China’s Stories Well in English

Wang Juan, Tian Xintong, Li Xinyu, Chen Cai, Wang Yingying, Zhang Yujie
With continuous globalization, the relationship between language and culture has undergone new changes. English has become an international lingua franca and a means for communicators to express local culture in cross-cultural communication. Today, as different cultures are increasingly intertwined, China now needs to present itself and tell its story to the world, which is the call of The Times for mutual learning and common development among civilizations around the world. It is also a realistic call for building confidence in Chinese culture and educating people through political and moral education under the great changes that have never been seen in a century. Facing the new requirements of educational development in this era, English teaching in middle schools must undertake the mission of cultivating socialist successors who have an international vision and a sense of community of human destiny.
Cultural Confidence; China’s Stories; Middle School English Teaching
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