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Status and Countermeasures of English Normal Students’ Teaching Practice Ability Based on Core Competence: A University Level Case Study

Li Xiaoxue, Zhang Huiying, Yan Ting, Li Yongzhen, Wan Kui
Teaching practice ability is the external manifestation of the professional development of English teachers and it is the essential element of improving the quality of teachers. English normal students are an important source of basic English education in China, so it is of great importance to cultivating English normal students' teaching practice ability. In this study, the literature research method and questionnaire survey method were used to study the current situation of the teaching practice ability of English normal students at Yangtze University. It can be found that students with a more thorough understanding of the core competence have stronger teaching practice ability, which shows that core competence is an important theoretical support to improve the teaching practice ability of students. Finally, 3 strategies are proposed to promote students’ teaching practice ability, (1) Imperceptibly affecting, and strengthening teachers’ emotions and beliefs, (2) Improving the level of teachers and building a team of university teachers with core competence, and (3) Optimizing the structure of practical courses.
core competence; practical teaching; teaching skills; training of English normal students
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