Mediation of Academic Self-esteem on Relationship between Grades and Psychological Disengagement

Habil Otanga


The motivational basis for students’ school outcomes remains an area of great concern. The purpose of the present study was to investigate whether academic self-esteem mediates the influence of grades on psychological disengagement.  Data for 453 secondary school students whose age ranged from 15-19 years (Mage = 17.20, SD = 1.09; 53.6% females) were collected using a questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS. Findings show significantly higher discounting than discounting, and no significant differences in discounting and devaluing between the highest and lowest achievers. Academic self-esteem significantly mediated the influence of grades on discounting and devaluing. Practical implications of findings in school contexts are discussed.


Academic self-esteem, devaluing, discounting, grades, psychological disengagement

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