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Challenges Facing the Implementation of SMASSE’S ASEI/PDSI Approaches in Teaching

James Mwangi Kiige
Kenya, like most other developing countries, is beginning to address a wide range of problems with the heightened concern for the role played by In-service Education and Training (INSET) in improving the quality of education. Opportunities for learning through in-serving training continue to open up for teachers, a fact that has seen the initiation of programmes such as Strengthening Mathematics and Science in Secondary Education (SMASSE). SMASSE utilizes two approaches to teaching; Activity, Student-centred, Experiment, Improvisation (ASEI) and Plan, Do, See, Improve (PDSI). This paper is an instrumental guide into government decisions on the SMASSE project which has so far highlighted many challenges being faced both by the teachers and the students in the implementation process. This study proposes from the point of implementers and consumers, ways to counter the challenges. This implies that the areas of weaknesses can then be addressed. The study used a total of sixteen schools selected through stratified random sampling. The study gathered both qualitative and quantitative data which was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software, Registered R and Excel. Findings are presented in tables using percentages, frequency distribution and means. A number of challenges in the implementation of SMASSE were identified. These included inadequate time, de-motivated teachers and students’ indiscipline among others. The study concludes that though SMASSE INSET does not show an impact on the performance of mathematics and chemistry, it has influenced the teachers’ ability to deliver in their teaching amidst various challenges. The author thus recommends that future SMASSE programmes should have a bottom-up approach to enable full ownership by stakeholders.
SMASSE, Challenges, Implementation, INSET, Mathematics, Chemistry, Teacher training
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