Communication Barriers Caused by Cultural Differences in Interpreting and Coping Strategies

Xinyi Xu, Chuanmao Tian


The paper is made up of five parts. The introduction part describes the background and fundamental structure of the paper. The second part is a review of the literature, which summarizes the views of previous studies and then adds some of our own viewpoints at the same time. The body part can be divided into two sections: analysis on the causes and forms of communicative obstacles; analysis on coping strategies of communicative disorders. The analysis of causes includes specific causes and specific problems. The coping strategies include how to make flexible use of interpreting strategies, how to make effective use of interpreting methods and how to enhance interpreters' awareness and competence of intercultural communication. The last part is the conclusion. Besides drawing on the views of previous studies, we also put forward our own points of view: one is putting the knowledge into practice can enhance the professionalism and ability of interpreters, the other is that domestication and foreignization are translation strategies, while literal and free interpretation are concrete methods of translation.


interpreting; cultural difference; communication barrier; coping strategy

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