Evangelizing to the Somali Muslims of Eastleigh: Interrogation of A.I.C. Christians Preparedness in Nairobi Central Region, Kenya

Philemon Kipruto Tanui, Josephine K. Mutuku Sesi


Evangelistic work among the Muslims has never been easy. The Gospel of the Lord has been hindered from reaching the Muslim devout by a number of factors found by expected Christian Ministers along with their mission. As a result, missionary work has realised little impact among Muslims. Specifically, less has been achieved by the Christians among the Eastleigh Muslim community. This is attributed to lack of preparedness among the Christians. This paper, therefore, endeavoured to interrogate the extent to which African Inland Church Christians in Nairobi Central Region are prepared to evangelize to Muslims in Eastleigh, Nairobi with an aim to recommend best practices in winning Muslim souls to Christ. A sample of 12 informants was drawn and interviewed. Ethnographic interviews elicited important data that was used to generate themes and sub-themes for analysis after which conclusions were made. It was found that many Christians know very little about other religions particularly Islam. Thus, it was not easy to convince the Muslims as their attempts would lead to heated and endless debates. The authors recommend that the church should create mission awareness by encouraging frequent interactions between her members and the Somali Muslim Community in Eastleigh.


Christian, Muslim, Islam, Mission, Gospel, Eastleigh, Kenya

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