Strategic Green HRM – The Integration of Environmental Management into HRM with reference to one of the Healthcare Industry

Shikha Yadav


This paper studies one of the healthcare industry of India “Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited” which is ranked at 352 amongst the world’s largest 500 companies on corporate sustainability and environmental impact according to Newsweek in 2016. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries limited is the only company in the healthcare sector in India which has been listed as one of the Green companies in India. This paper mainly focuses on understanding and analysing the Green initiatives as a part of Corporate social responsibility (CSR) taken by the company which makes it the green company in India in Healthcare sector.

The green scores of the company has also increased by 4% compared to the previous year (2015), which shows that the company is always striving to incorporate strategic Green HRM. Strategic Green HRM is one of the growing innovative approaches which promotes the sustainable use of resources of the business organisation and thus integrates environmental management into HRM.


Strategic Green HRM; Environment Sustainability; Resource Conservation; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Environmental Management

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