Contribution of Top Management of Business Organization in Promoting Social Harmony

Harsha Sahu


Management is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with people and other resources. Or knowing what you want people to do, and then getting them to do it the best way. Management is not only practiced in organization and business entities, but management plays an important role in our daily lives and is practiced by every individual is some or the other way. Management is a continuing process, and managers are always involved in it. It helps them to accomplish their objectives. Man is a social being. But within each social group there may be heterogeneous traits and features. So each organization can be thought of as pluralistic and need social harmony for peaceful co-existence. Management can contribute towards social harmony by building- up cordial industrial relationships, ensuring better life and welfare to employee’s increasing employees’ participation over decisions within the workplace. Consequently, employees will take more interest and initiative in the work assigned. They will feel that they are the vital element of the organization and the organization belongs to them. This will generate the sense of belongingness and loyalty towards the organization. The peaceful co-existence of people from different levels of management can create pleasant and harmonious atmosphere in the organization. The purpose of the study is to investigate how the strong and efficient top level management of the organization can contribute in encouraging social harmony in the workplace. The paper took into account the positive strategies adopted by top management for promoting social harmony in the organization and its implication on the employees, productivity and the economy of the organization. The research methodology is based on the secondary data which include compilation of research article of the experts in the field and the reflections of the essays and article published in the websites. The approach of the study is exploratory in nature.


Management; Managers; Organization; Productivity and Social harmony

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