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Rates of Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms among Female Undergraduate Medical Students at National Medical College and Teaching Hospital

Sandesh Sawant, Garima Tripathi, Tripti Pal Raman

Background: Literature states that Depression and anxiety symptoms carry impairment to medical students, including poor academic performance, drop out, substance abuse and suicide. A high prevalence of anxiety and depression among medical students has been reported worldwide. Higher prevalence is noticed among female students.

Aim/Objectives: To study rates of anxiety and depressive symptoms among female undergraduate medical students.

Methods: The present study is a cross-sectional study. The purposive sampling method was used. Duration of study was 6 months. A total number of participants’ were 100. Self-developed questionnaire and Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale were used. 

Results: Findings showed that the mean score of anxiety symptoms was 8.08 (SD± 4.07). Similarly, the mean score of Depressive symptoms was 4.99(SD± 3.28). Fifty-two per cent of the students rated anxiety symptoms and 25% of the student rated depressive symptoms between borderline to the abnormal range. Total 9% of the students reported that they have a family history of mental illness among which 8% reported borderline to an abnormal range of anxiety however 52 % who had no family history also scored the same range. Similarly, 17% of the students reported there were life events which were stressful among which 13% scored borderline to abnormal range anxiety symptoms. Likewise, only 5% of the students scored borderline to the abnormal range of depressive symptoms.

Conclusion: It was observed that female undergraduate medical students experience both anxiety and depressive symptoms however the percentage of depressive symptoms were less compared to anxiety symptoms. Further studies are required to evaluate the associated factors responsible for depressive and anxiety symptoms.

Stress, Wellbeing, healthcare
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