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Impact of Mob Lynching Phenomenon on Well-Being

S.S. Rane, B. S. Pawar, P.A. Baviskar, G. P. Pawar, S.M. Tadvi

Nowadays in India we see many incidents of mob lynching taking place and that too on another level. Gathering together and turning it into mob lynching is kind of abnormal behaviour. The other aspect of mob lynching is antisocial behaviour. Such behaviour of person/people is seen due to the influence of the Group's ideas, thoughts. The reason is that the way group thinks about a particular issue same is perceived by each individual/ civilian of the group without proper knowledge and thus without awareness or unconsciously they like to perform and turned out to be a terrifying, vulnerable behaviour. It does mean that the influence of Groups ideas leads to abnormal behaviour and also incidents like khairlalji, Massacre in Dhule are responsible for creating terror, insecurity, suspicious, doubtful environment which is disturbing not only the mental health but also the social health of people such incidents create castism and smashes social integrity this creates a threat to mankind.

In the present research study, the total sample of 120 college students of Jalgaon city is selected using simple random sampling technique. The tools used for the research for measuring Mob lynching behaviour a self-made Mob lynching behaviour test is used. A 2x2 factorial design is used. For statistical analysis Mean, SD, ANOVA and correlation methods are used.

Mob lynching phenomenon & behaviour, well-being, college students
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