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Reporters Opinion on Managements of Telugu Newspapers: A Survey Analysis in Andhra Pradesh

J. Madhu Babu, J. Manjunath

This study examines the working conditions and occupational stress of Journalists in Telugu news dailies in Andhra Pradesh. The quantitative survey method was adopted for the study. The population consists of 800 rural journalists of Telugu dailies in Andhra Pradesh.  The sample size was chosen to be 100 journalists. The entire questionnaires that were randomly distributed to the 100 selected journalists were duly filled and retrieved. The research results showed that, demographic profile of journalists, Qualification in Journalism, working position in the present organization. Majority of journalists feel professional stress and they have no appointment orders. They were said their work was temporarily basis. Finally concluded that the working condition of Journalists is very low and occupational stress is very high. The attitude of managements did not interest to pay salaries to Journalists.

Telugu Press, Journalists, Working Conditions, Occupational Stress, Management attitude
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