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Digital Business: The Transition into New Age Dealing; Emphasizing Inputs from Cloud Computing and Big Data—An Indian Case

P. K. Paul, A. Bhuimali, Kalishankar Tiwary, P. S. Aithal, R. Rajesh

Business in today’s age changing rapidly, there are many reasons for this kind of transition of business houses and corporate bodies. Moreover, people in today’s age are using more online and digital means for the business and thus overall business systems are emphasize digital sources of revenue as well as digital channels. The concept of creation and dependencies of tools and technologies for financial economics systems is called Digital Economy and the growth of this leads to the development and familiarity with digital products and services among the service seekers and these ultimately are resulted in newer and competitive advantages in the digital space and system. Digital technology and its nature is also changing and has also challenged the existing business models. Here the key driving forces are included the capacity of innovation as well as the public availability of IT in different way. Digital business today is not a concept but it is about that stage of IT and Computing applications in different models viz. in marketing, ICT, social, business houses, healthcare, education and so on. Importantly these models may be seen as the convergence of technologies/ fully connected/integrated stage. In today’s age business is not only seen with computing and digital means but the traditional business systems also getting benefits from the ICT and here among the emerging names, few important include cloud computing, the Internet of Things, mobile and Big Data. It is important to note that this paper emphasizes the recent applications and role of Cloud Computing and Big Data in Business with a case of India. Moreover different financial aspects have also been described and analysed.

Business, Digital Business, ICT, Cloud and Big Data, Emerging IT, IT Applications, IT Management, India, Knowledge Economy
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