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Vermi-Digestion of Municipal Solid Waste by Red Wigglers to Organic Fertilizer

Smita Dhoke, Alka Srivastava, Parag Dalal, J. K. Srivastava

Ujjain is known as one of the most significant cities of the India as Singhastha 2016 just passed by. Singhastha is an event where Billions of devotees come to take a dip in holy river Shipra for whole One month. In Ujjain average total solid waste generation now is about 226 tons per day in the city area only. A huge amount of money is spent by the Local government on the solid waste management transportation to trenching grounds. The trenching grounds are situated at 20 Kms away from the city in different directions. Solid Waste Management also produces various problems which create many issues with wastage of money therefore; a big need for the ecofriendly disposal technique is been posted. In this paper we are proposing a technique known as vermicomposting which is a good solution to treatment of organic solid wastes. In this technique we have found the degradation of organic municipal solid waste by earthworms. In the research work the temperature is been maintained at 25-35°c, moisture content maintained about at 45- 55% and pH between 7.0-7.3. About 100 grams earthworms {Eisenia Fetida} per kilogram of municipal solid waste were taken. The final result shows that the organic municipal solid wasted are been converted to manure in a time period of 35 - 36 days through vermicomposting technique and about 63% volume of municipal solid waste is reduced for transportation.

Chemical Engineering
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