Extended of Durability Molds for Production Tires with New Types of Coatings

Irena Lysoňková, Jan Novotný, Jaromír Cais, Štefan Michna


In this article is described the creation nanocomposite coating. It is PTFE coating with the addition of
particles based on titanium dioxide on the size „nano“. Working with nanoparticles is demanding not
only of safety, preparing particles of a size „nano“ and their subsequent uniform deployment in
coating (partiles of this size tend to influence the electrostatic forces of aggregation). In the first part
of the paper it is thus described a suitable nanoparticles percentages concentration relative to the
total content solution. Further described herein is a coating technology, Further disclosed herein is
coating technology since, without scattering particles during coating are prone to stick to the bottom
of the coating vessel. To evaluate the appropriate distribution of particles of mountings was used a
scanning electron microscope and EDS analysis.


nanoparticles, nanocomposite coating, titanium dioxide, PTFE coating.

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