Potential of Shrouded Micro Wind Turbine

Kishor Sontakke, Samir Deshmukh, Sandip Patil


The growing demand for electrical energy for industrial and domestic use, coupled with the limited amount of available fossil fuel reserves and its negative effects on the environment, have made it necessary to seek alternative and renewable energy sources. The use of renewable energy is promoted worldwide to be less dependent on conventional fuels and nuclear energy. Therefore research in the field is motivated to increase efficiency of renewable energy systems. This study aimed to study potential of micro wind turbine and velocity profile through shroud for low wind speeds. Although there is a greater inclination to use solar panels because of the local weather conditions, there are some practical implications that have place the use of solar panels in certain areas to an end. The biggest problem is panel stealing. Also, in some parts of the country the weather is more appropriate to apply wind turbines. Thus, this study paying attention on the design of a new concept to improve wind turbines to be appropriate for the low wind speeds in India. The concept involves the implementation of a concentrator and diffuser to a wind turbine, to increase the power coefficient. Although the wind turbine was not tested for starting speeds, the realization of the shroud should contribute to improved starting of the wind turbine at lower wind speeds. The configuration were not manufactured, but simulated with the use of a program to obtain the power production of the wind turbine over a range of wind speeds. These values were compared to measured results of an open wind turbine developed. The most important topic at hand when dealing with a shrouded wind turbine is to find out if the overall diameter or the blade diameter of the turbine should be the point of reference. As the wind turbine is situated in a shroud that has a larger diameter than the turbine blades, some researchers believe that the overall diameter should be used to calculate the efficiency. The benefits of shrouded wind turbines are discussed.


Potential of Micro Wind Turbine, Power Coefficient (Cp), Wind speed in shroud.

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