Experimental investigation on evaporation of R407C in a single horizontal smooth tube

M. D. Hambarde, Ramakant Shrivastava, S.R. Thorat, O.P. Dale


Due to higher ozone layer depletion potential of HCFC refrigerant, R22 which has been mostly used in house hold refrigeration will be phased out by 2020 as per Montreal Protocol and UNFCCC Regulations. R407C, a zeotropic refrigerant from HFC category is a promising refrigerants in place of R22. Performance evaluation of R407 is required to enhance its application in house hold refrigeration. Hence an experimental investigation is carried out to understand the heat transfer characteristics during flow boiling of R407C in a smooth horizontal tube of 13.386 mm inner diameter and 2m length. The experiment is performed under the operating conditions; (i) mass flux range 100 to 300 kg s-1m-2; (ii) heat flux within range 2 to 7 kWm-2; (iii) temperature range at inlet to test section -100C to +100C; (iv) average vapor quality within test section from 0.05 to 0.95.The effect of heat flux, mass flux, vapor quality, temperature glide on heat transfer coefficient, during evaporation of R407C are examined.


flow boiling, heat transfer coefficient, investigation, mass flux, R407C, temperature glide.

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