Light Weight Defense Mechanism Against Camera Based Attacks

Supriya Deshpande, Shirish Pattalwar, Poonam Lohiya


A number of android security and privacy vulnerabilities have been exposed in past several years. However, the mobile malware and privacy leakage remain a big threat to mobile phone security and privacy. It has been observed that phone camera would become a traitor in such attacks by capturing photos or videos secretly. Secret photography is not only immoral but also illegal due to invasion of privacy. Phone users themselves could also become victims and if the phone camera is exploited by malicious spy camera app, it may cause serious security and privacy problems. Most of the existing mobile antivirus apps are unable to monitor such camera based attacks. Hence, we demonstrate two camera based attacks through our proposal namely, Remote controlled real time monitoring Attack like Screen unlocking Attack, SMS Attack. We also propose a light weight defense scheme as a countermeasure for the camera attacks that can protect android phones against harmful spy Camera attacks.


Android, Security, Privacy Leakage, Defense App, Spy Camera.

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