Multipurpose Low Cost Table Machine

Sanjay Shirbhate


The concept of this paper is to develop idea of multipurpose machine as by conducting various operation on same machine, using single operating system. Here, in this machine there is a electric motor which is connected to the pulleys driven by belt (more than one pulley for various speed). The pulley is connected with the shaft which rotate in circular motion and to this shaft circular tools are connected as per required operation as circular saw cuts wooden pieces, pipe cutter will cuts iron rod or iron hollow pipe, grinding circular wheel grinds the job, polishing wheel polishes the job etc. more types of tools and the operation can be done on the same machine. The idea of this machine is to motivate small scale house hold units for ex. Furniture making, office table, Chair, show case for wedding ceremony etc. with low cost machines with multipurpose operation done on same machine.


Multipurpose Machine, Low cost Machine, Household Machine

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