Tapping Sun Energy coupled with affordable Energy Storage – Future Game Changer

Vaibhav Satpute, Anand Jawanjal


Sun provides abundant source of renewable energy that can be integrated with the electrical grid. Climate change issues have compelled policy makers to look into various ways to reduce carbon footprint and use green, renewable energy. Solar power, along with other alternative sources for energy, is quite popular these days. Talking about Solar, the primary disadvantage of solar power is that it obviously cannot be created during the night and power generated is also reduced during times of cloud cover. Energy Storage is a flexible asset that provides unprecedented flexibility in grid optimization. Cost effective solar energy storage methods are urgently needed due to the increased demand for solar power and due to its variability. But in today’s scenario, energy storage systems are not commercially economic for all customers, and that to more work needs to be done by industry, government, and regulators to support the continuing cost reductions. It is expected that the Energy Storage costs would slide to 41% by 2020.The value that solar and storage can together add to the energy system is leading to a more efficient, cleaner, and more secure future. However, solar energy storage becomes critical when unsteady sources of energy provide. Thus, affordable energy storage system along with the cheaper Solar energy would be lethal combination making an ultimate Game Changer for the Power Industry and Sustainability.


Renewable energy, Solar energy storage, life cycle, grid integration, sustainable, Solar thermophotovoltaic, Perovskite Solar Cells.

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