Speech Emotion Recognition System Using Gaussian Mixture Model and Improvement proposed via Boosted GMM

Pavitra Patel, A. A. Chaudhari, M. A. Pund, D. H. Deshmukh


Speech emotion recognition is an important issue which affects the human machine interaction. Automatic recognition of human emotion in speech aims at recognizing the underlying emotional state of a speaker from the speech signal. Gaussian mixture models (GMMs) and the minimum error rate classifier (i.e. Bayesian optimal classifier) are popular and effective tools for speech emotion recognition. Typically, GMMs are used to model the class-conditional distributions of acoustic features and their parameters are estimated by the expectation maximization (EM) algorithm based on a training data set. In this paper, we introduce a boosting algorithm for reliably and accurately estimating the class-conditional GMMs. The resulting algorithm is named the Boosted-GMM algorithm. Our speech emotion recognition experiments show that the emotion recognition rates are effectively and significantly boosted by the Boosted-GMM algorithm as compared to the EM-GMM algorithm.
During this interaction, human beings have some feelings that they want to convey to their communication partner with whom they are communicating, and then their communication partner may be the human or machine. This work dependent on the emotion recognition of the human beings from their speech signal
Emotion recognition from the speaker’s speech is very difficult because of the following reasons: Because of the existence of the different sentences, speakers, speaking styles, speaking rates accosting variability was introduced. The same utterance may show different emotions. Therefore it is very difficult to differentiate these portions of utterance. Another problem is that emotion expression is depending on the speaker and his or her culture and environment. As the culture and environment gets change the speaking style also gets change, which is another challenge in front of the speech emotion recognition system.


Speech, Emotion, Gaussian, Boosted.

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