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Swarm Intelligence Based Traffic Control System

Bindu Varshini Kosanam, Abhinay Kukkadapu

Traffic congestion is one of the major problems in many of metro cities all over the world today. It affects daily life in many aspects such as improper time management, stress, frustration which leads to reckless driving. Average time to reach destination is decided by travel speed which is directly proportional to traffic congestion and also the wait time at each and every traffic signal. In this paper a novel Swarm Intelligence based Traffic Control System (SITS) inspired from nature mimicking (Particle Swarm Optimization) is discussed. This State of the art SITS with Six Degrees of Separation approach to traffic congestion is applying swarm intelligence to traffic lights to avoid waiting of vehicles at red light decreasing wait time and congestion. Here cars will not take random paths or will not take dynamic routes. Six degrees of separation will be employed at each node (traffic signal) to limit computational power and to improve efficiency.

Swarm Intelligence (SI); Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO); Six degress of separation (SDS); Cloud computing
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