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Solution to Avoid Power Crisis in Telangana State by Implanting Non Convectional Energy

Mohammed Dilawar, Mohammed Arif Hussain, Mohammed Akram Ullah Khan

Perennial Efforts to combat power crises in newly found Telangana state, compelled to use hybrid source of power which is being catered to facilitate the needs of modern trends, life style, multinational business requirements which enforced the need to explore the modern application of solar energy run household and administrative block. Air conditioning requirement, which consumes more than 30% of the state procured power from different sources, which can be save and utilize for agriculture sector and other constructive needs.

        In Telangana State every commercial, administrative and elite residential block is equipped with air conditioning system where the temperature ranges between 32-430C in summer season. Telangana State is attracting the world class business investors. This design can caters the world class needs therefore this paper explore the design and performance of solar power air-conditioning system, which is integrated with invertors, PV panels, solar charger and batteries. This design can be used in non-electrified rural arid areas to avoid the expenses of supplying electricity.

        This research project begins with the cooling load calculations for the selected space ideally whose dimensions are assumed to be one tone of refrigeration (3.5kW). Considering the basic parameters of cooling the photovoltaic cells has been deduced and necessary connections are arranged.

       To acquire the inlet and outlet temperatures of compressor, evaporator and condenser, data logging procedure is employed. The input power for this system as well as coefficient of performance for above said climatic conditions can be deduced. The COP varies from two to four for this system and these results are compared with the convectional system performance they both match with each other considerably.

Solar Energy, Performance, Arid Areas, COP, Climatic Conditions
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