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Biomedical Waste Management in Hospitals – A Review

Deepali Agrawal, Parag Dalal, J. K. Srivastava

Biomedical waste management is receiving larger attention because of recent regulations of the biomedical Wastes (Management & Handling Rules, 1998). Inadequate management of biomedical waste may be associated with risks to healthcare employees, patients, communities and their environment. The current study was conducted to assess the quantities and proportions of different constituents of wastes, their handling, treatment and disposal way in numerous health-cares. In this research, we try to elaborate and discuss the of Bio-medical waste management procedure of Ujjain city. Various health care units were surveyed using a modified survey form for waste management. This form was obtained from the world Health Organization (WHO), with the aim of assessing the processing systems for biomedical waste disposal. Hazards related to poor biomedical waste management and shortcomings in the existing system were identified. The development of waste management policies, plans, and protocols are suggested, in addition to establishing training programs on correct waste management for all healthcare workers.

Biomedical waste, Healthcare care unit, WHO, BMW
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