Gesture Control of Robotic Arm

Dharshan Y., Vivek S., Saranya S., Aarthi V.R., Madhumathi T.


Robots have become a key technology in various fields. Robotic arms are mostly remote controlled by buttons or panels and sometimes in batch process they are autonomous. The usage of panel boards or control sticks includes a lot of hardwiring and subject to malfunction.  It also induces some stress on the operators. Hence major chemical industries like cosmetic manufacturing, paint manufacturing and Biosynthesis laboratory etc., which deals with hazardous environment due to the chemicals and other bio substances, involve humans for the processing. The aim is to reduce the bulk of wiring in the robotic arms and reduce the effort and number of operators in controlling the robotic arm operations. To implement gestures into the process this would be a major breakthrough. This can also be used as pick & place robot, a cleaning robot in chemical industries where a human does not need to directly involved in the process of cleaning the chemicals and also for coating underground tanks.


robotic arm; gestures; hazardous environment; robotics

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