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A Study on Modern Cryptographic Primitives and Signature Schemes

Jyotirmoy Das, Sangeeta Kakoty, Majidul Ahmed

The access to digital data by the users has increased in recent times with the advent of data communication technologies and its popularization. The data which is in digital form has to pass through insecure channels, for example when a user accesses the Internet, the privacy of data becomes a major issue. The area of Information Security has to play a crucial role when it comes to protecting the privacy of digital data. Cryptography is one such part of Information Security field where a sender’s message gets encrypted and the message gets decrypted at the receiver’s end. From time to time, various cryptographic schemes have been developed among which the Private Key Cryptography and Public Key Cryptography techniques are prominent.  Moreover many special Signature Schemes which are part of cryptographic protocols have been providing security in dealing with digital transactions. This paper focuses on the use of modern cryptographic schemes and their importance in digital data communication system.

Digital data, Information Security, Cryptography, Private key, Public key, Signature Schemes
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